range 150 – 740 litres

AISI 316-L stainless steel tanks and corrugated coil of the same material that provides the maximum continuous DHW flow, due to the turbulence generated by the corrugated tube and its high heat exchange surface area, with an external heat source from the boiler, solar thermal collectors or aerothermal / geothermal equipment.

Designed especially for use in solar energy installations (complies with the TBC), easily exceeding the requirement of 0.15m2 heat exchange surface per 50 litres of storage/m2 of the solar collector.


An electric heater can be installed in all models as an option. However, this is not allowed by the TBC if used in solar energy installations.

Insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foam. Exterior steel casing with epoxy resin paint in the 150 – 500 litre models and PVC jacket for 740 litre model.